• <p>Virgin Trains</p><p>'Return of the Train'</p><p>Dir: Who? Another Film Company</p>  <p>Rainey Kelly Cambell Roalfe</p>

    Virgin Trains

    'Return of the Train'
  • <p>Walkers Sensations</p><p>'Thai Sweet Chilli'</p><p>Dir: Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Edit and music by Jerry Chater</p>  <p>Another Film Company</p>  <p>AMV BBDO</p>

    Walkers Sensations

    'Thai Sweet Chilli'
  • <p>Ford Focus</p><p>'Classic Movements'</p><p>Dir: Vaughan Arnell. Serious Pictures</p>  <p>Orchestral samples/Arrangement: Jerry Chater</p>  <p>Main Theme: Daniel Pembleton</p>  <p>Ogilvy & Mather</p>

    Ford Focus

    'Classic Movements'
  • <p>Peugeot 206</p><p>'Library'</p><p>Dir: Who? Another Film Company</p>  <p>Euro RSCG WNEK Gosper</p>

    Peugeot 206

  • <p>Mercedes AGM</p><p>'Storm Chasers'</p><p>Dir: Anthony Hoffman</p>  <p>Prod: Lisa Hollingshead</p>  <p>Propaganda/Gwantsi for BBDO</p>

    Mercedes AGM

    'Storm Chasers'
  • <p>Infiniti QX80 directors cut</p><p>Proof of concept</p><p>Edit, grade & sound by J Chater</p>  <p>Directed by Rob Kaplan</p>  <p>DP Matt Shaw</p>  <p>Produced by Marc Fadel </p>  <p><span title="Edited">Pudding Films Dubai </span></p>  <p><span title="Edited">Re-mix of Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' </span></p>  <p><span title="Edited">made on the 100th aniversary of DB's birth</span></p>  <p> </p>

    Infiniti QX80 directors cut

    Proof of concept
  • <p>ITV</p><p>'ITV Sports'</p><p>Dir: Jon Hollis. Nice Shirt Films</p>  <p>ITV</p>


    'ITV Sports'
  • <p>Apollo Tyres </p><p>'Ganga, River of People'</p><p>Directed by Rob Kaplan</p>  <p>Original composition AR Rahman</p>  <p>DOP Matt Shaw</p>  <p> </p>

    Apollo Tyres

    'Ganga, River of People'
  • <p>Jaguar </p><p>'Aerial'</p><p>Directed by Rob Kaplan</p>  <p>for Connected Pictures</p>  <p>Agency: Spark44</p>


  • <p>Bajaj Pulsar 'The Shaman' </p><p>Director's cut</p><p>Directed by Rob Kaplan</p>  <p>Director of Photography Matt Shaw</p>  <p>Goodmorning Films for Olgavy, Mumbai</p>  <p> </p>  <p> </p>

    Bajaj Pulsar 'The Shaman'

    Director's cut
  • <p>Bajaj Pulsar 'The Shaman' </p><p>Behind the scenes filmed by J Chater</p><p>Music track 'Trails' by TRENTEMOLLER, with gratitude.</p>  <p>Camera/grade/edit/sounddesign JERRY CHATER</p>

    Bajaj Pulsar 'The Shaman'

    Behind the scenes filmed by J Chater
  • <p>BBC Knowledge</p><p>Idents</p><p><a href="/BBCKnowledge/">link to Presenter films</a></p>

    BBC Knowledge

  • <p>Sainsbury's</p><p>'Pasta'</p><p>Dir: Niall Downin. 2am Films</p>  <p>AMV BBDO</p>


  • <p>Sky Drama</p><p>'The Smoke'</p><p>Dir: Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Sky Creative</p>

    Sky Drama

    'The Smoke'
  • <p>Pinnacle Vodka</p><p>'Whipped'</p><p>Dir: Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Edit & music by Jerry Chater & Sarah Nixey lyric and vox</p>  <p>Rascal Films/Another Film Co.</p>  <p>Music Jerry Chater & Sarah Nixey</p>

    Pinnacle Vodka

  • <p>Cineworld </p><p>Directors Cut</p><p>Edit & Grade</p>  <p>Original exercution and VFXs Pinkbanana Studios</p>  <p>Directed by Liam & Grant</p>


    Directors Cut
  • <p>Virgin Experience Days</p><p>'The Gift'</p><p>Directed by Liam & Grant<br /> Production Castelli & Co / Heads Up Production<br /> For Atomic<br /> End Music by Jerry Chater</p>

    Virgin Experience Days

    'The Gift'
  • <p>Petits Filous</p><p>'Everything is Play'</p><p>Directed by Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Publicis</p>

    Petits Filous

    'Everything is Play'
  • <p>Norwich Union</p><p>'Trawlerman'</p><p>Dir:Stuart Douglas. Nice Shirt Films</p>  <p>Bank Hoggins O'Shea FCB</p>

    Norwich Union

  • <p>Waitrose</p><p>'I Feel Free'</p><p>Dir: Stuart Douglas. Nice Shirt Films</p>  <p>Bank Hoggins O'Shea FCB</p>


    'I Feel Free'
  • <p>Skittles</p><p>'Basement'</p><p>Dir: Jon Hollis. Nice Shirt Films</p>  <p>D'Arcy</p>


  • <p>DVLA</p><p>'Disappear'</p><p>Directed by Liam & Grant</p>


  • <p>OXO</p><p>'Family'</p><p>Dir: Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Another Film Company</p>  <p>Publicis</p>  <p>Edit & Sound Design Jerry Chater</p>


  • <p>Friskies</p><p>'DJ Kittens'</p><p>Directed by Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Almost 3 millions hits on You Tube (and counting...)</p>


    'DJ Kittens'
  • <p>Oxyclean</p><p>'Bull'</p><p>Dir: Who? Another Film Company</p>  <p>Partners BBDH</p>


  • <p>Caltex</p><p>'Scratch'</p><p>Directors Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Edit & Sound design Jerry Chater</p>  <p>Y&R SINGAPORE</p>


  • <p>Warburtons </p><p>'Rise'</p><p>Directed by Jon Hollis</p>  <p>Nice Shirt Films</p>


  • <p>Renault Laguna</p><p>'IQ'</p><p>Dir: Dirk van Dooran Tomato</p>

    Renault Laguna

  • <p>Mr Sheen</p><p>'Rides Again'</p><p>Directed by Rob Kaplan</p>  <p>Generator Films</p>

    Mr Sheen

    'Rides Again'
  • <p>Mr Green</p><p>'Invitation to Mr Green's'</p><p>Directed by Liam & Grant</p>

    Mr Green

    'Invitation to Mr Green's'
  • <p>Quality Solicitors</p><p>'QS World'</p><p>Dir: Tim Pope</p>  <p>Black Label Productions</p>  <p>Team Saatchi</p>

    Quality Solicitors

    'QS World'
  • <p>BBC</p><p>'Turn Back Time: The High Street'</p><p>Directors: Liam & Grant</p>  <p>Another Film Company</p>  <p>For Red Bee Media</p>


    'Turn Back Time: The High Street'
  • <p>A1</p><p>'Father'</p><p>Dir: Albert Kodagolian, Bueno Films, LA</p>  <p>Schuellerheise, Vienna</p>  <p> </p>  <p><span style="font-size: 36pt;"> </span><!--EndFragment--></p>


  • <p>Nike</p><p>'Control 360'</p><p>Dir: Aoife, Chris & Grant too. Independent</p>  <p>Sound design: A-Bomb</p>  <p>Wieden + Kennedy</p>


    'Control 360'
  • <p>Sugar Puffs</p><p>'Granny'</p><p>Directed by Jon Hollis</p>  <p>Nice Shirt Films</p>

    Sugar Puffs